A Dashing Carnap

A page of information about Rudolf Carnap (1891 - 1970), German philosopher of language and science.

Not too long ago I was surfing around the Net in search of information on Rudolf Carnap. I found some decent materials, though they were not linked up through any central site. That moved me to write up the page you are looking at now. I have attempted to assemble such information on Carnap as is scattered through the web, including on-line texts, pictures, notices of events, and other materials. I have also posted and continue to post original content to the website. My aim is both to catalogue and to add to on-line information regarding Carnap's life and work.

Syntactic Variables

I have assembled an index of the syntactic variables which permeate Carnap's Logical Syntax of Language. I suspect readers of LSL will see the usefulness of such an index.


A bibliography is given at the bottom of the entry on Carnap in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. You will no doubt have to scroll down to see the bibliography.

I am also posting a bibliography of Carnap's works on this site. At the moment it is under heavy construction.

Finding Books by Carnap

Some works by Carnap, such as Meaning and Necessity, have been reprinted recently and are relatively easy to find. Other works--for example, Physikalische Begriffsbildung--are a real pain to track down. As far as I know, the best way to find books of the latter type is to search for them at bookfinder.com. There are some disadvantages to this approach: the same copy of a book is often listed by more than one bookseller, it is often already sold, and, as often as not, there are some middlemen driving up the price of the copy you want to buy. I recommend searching at bookfinder.com often and trying to figure out who is trying to sell the copy you want for the least amount of money. Be prepared to discover, however, that the copy you are inquiring about is already sold.

You may also want to try the following sites, as they are particularly good sources of hard-to-find material by Carnap:

Caliban Books

Some good news (August 2003): Open Court has decided to reprint two of Carnap's most important works, The Logical Syntax of Language and The Logical Structure of the World. These new editions are quite reasonably priced, and both appear to be in stock at the usual on-line bookstores. I have also recently seen copies in brick-and-mortar bookstores.

On-line Texts

By Carnap:
On Carnap:





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